This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 220 ONLINE hours. Of these, 132 AASECT CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification


Studying Sex Coach U now qualifies as Continuing Education (CE) credits with AASECT, which counts towards Certifications as a Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist. You will acquire 220 hours of online study, but only 132 Continuing Education Credits (CEs) can be applied to the CKAs (Core Knowledge areas) for AASECT certification or recertification.


This program is offered through Dr. Patti Britton’s AASECT-approved Individual CE Providership. Only Sex Coach U enrolled students who have been approved to graduate as Certified Sex Coaches™ and whose tuition is paid in full may apply for AASECT CEs. Any application for AASECT CEs must be submitted to and approved by Dr. Patti no later than June 1st, 2020. This offer expires at that time. 


Are you ready to take your Sex Coaching studies up another level?




This is 220 hours of study, that counts towards AASECT Certification, should you choose to pursue it.

Please note: These continuing education credits apply on a case by case basis, according to a candidate’s background and whether they meet stated AASECT criteria.

As an approved AASECT provider, our program has been approved, meaning you do not need to have a supervisor to take our program. You will earn AASECT-approved CE credits at the completion of the program, where you will be awarded the Certified Sex Coach™ designation.

If you are looking to obtain certification by AASECT as a sex educator, you will need to get an AASECT supervisor and have an approved supervision contract before you start supervision. We currently have an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor on our team, Dr. Martha Tara Lee, who you can contact if you choose to pursue this option.

For further information about their certification and supervision requirements, we recommend contacting AASECT directly


Visit AASECT for more details: https://www.aasect.org/

Or email Dr. Patti to learn more: drpatti@sexcoachu.com

These are the Core Knowledge Areas covered in the training at Sex Coach U, with a maximum of 20 hours per CKA cited below:


Core Knowledge

AASECT recently updated the Core Knowledge Areas (CKA) required for certification and certification renewal of all Sexuality Educators, Sexuality Counselors and Sex Therapists. All candidates for certification must have knowledge of the following as they relate to sexual health and pleasure. Upon successful completion of your Professional Sex Coach training program, you earn 132 actual hours or the ONLINE equivalent of 132 CEs from AASECT as cited below: 


A) Ethics and ethical behavior. [8 hours. You can take course 300C- Ethical Standards in Sexology available from Sexology U]


B) Developmental sexuality from a bio-psycho-social perspective across the life course. [8 hours]

C) Socio-cultural, familial factors (e.g., ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, family values,) in relation to sexual values and behaviors. [9 hours]

D) Issues related to Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity: heterosexuality; issues and themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people; gender identity and expression. [4 hours]

E) Intimacy skills (e.g., social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. [7 hours]

F) Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles, including, but not limited to polyamory, swinging, BDSM, tantra. [5 hours]

G) Sexual and reproductive anatomy/physiology. [7 hours]

H) Health/medical factors that may influence sexuality including, but not limited to illness, disability, drugs, mental health, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy termination, contraception, fertility, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infection, other infections, sexual trauma, injury, and safer sex practices. [3 hours]

I) Range of sexual functioning and behavior, from optimal to problematic, including but not limited to common issues such as: desire discrepancy, lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal, sexual pain and penetration problems, difficulty with orgasm. [20 hours]

J) Sexual exploitation, including sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. [1 hour]

K) Cybersexuality and social media. [2 hours]

L) Substance use/abuse and sexuality. [Not covered at this time]

M) Pleasure enhancement skills. [10 hours]

N) Learning theory and its application. [16 hours]

O) Professional communication and personal reflection skills. [19 hours]

P) History of the discipline of sex research, theory, education, counseling, and therapy. [13 hours]

Q) Principles of sexuality research and research methods. [Not covered at this time]



Remember that to qualify for AASECT Certification, and also to pass your certification at SCU, you MUST complete the mandatory SAR training.



Learn more about SAR here

* Only Sex Coach U enrolled students who have been approved to graduate as Certified Sex Coaches™ may apply for AASECT CEs; this option expires 6/30/2020.

Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Your AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor




Founder of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee has four degrees including a Doctorate in Human Sexuality (2009) and Masters in Counseling (2017), and numerous other certifications including in life coaching, relationship coaching, and sex therapy. Since 2011, she has been the only certified sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in Southeast Asia. 


Martha has worked directly with couples (international and local) who have unconsummated marriage; men and women with sexual inhibitions and sexual desire discrepancies; men with erection and ejaculation concerns; as well as with GLBTQQ and kink folks. She has personally worked with more than 1,300 individuals and couples combined face-to-face, as well as at least another 2,500 people over 450 events over the last eight years.


Often cited in the media, Martha is the appointed sex expert for Men’s Health Singapore (since 2009), and Men’s Health Malaysia (since 2010). She was the host of weekly radio show Eros Evolution for OMTimes Radio between 2014 and 2017. She was recognized as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40’ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She is the author of three books: Love, Sex and Everything In-Between (2013),  Orgasmic Yoga: Masturbation, Meditation and Everything In-Between (2015) and From Princess to Queen: Heartbreaks, Heartgasms and Everything In-Between (2017). A born and bred Singaporean Chinese, Martha welcomes individuals as well as couples of all sexual orientations. 


Martha speaks English and Mandarin.




The dire lack of sexuality education growing up only served to fuel the fire in the belly of Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee. Innately recognizing the human right to sexual information, education, and support, Martha sought to understand all facets of human sexuality in order to serve her own people, as well as humanity. She is driven by a strong desire to support people to come into their power – including their sexuality. This means learning about ourselves, what we stand for, what is important to us and taking personal responsibility and decisive actions for all aspects of our lives. Hence it would include embracing and honoring our sexuality, recognizing that we are the drivers of our sex lives, and asserting our sexual rights (to safer sex, to saying no, and to pleasure).


In her previous careers, Martha worked in corporate communications as well as the non-profit sector, therefore her skills in media relations, events management, public relations, communications planning, marketing, and internal communications have helped when managing her own practice, as well as supporting her supervisees. Martha possesses a strong work ethic, and lives by: “do no harm”, and “do what you say, say what you do”. Despite her dedication and seriousness about her work, Martha fundamentally believes that sex is meant to be fun, wonderful, amazing, and sacred. As such, this combination of serious light-heartedness has shone through repeatedly. Supervisees can expect a fair, driven, passionate, yet sensitive, intuitive and compassion champion rooting for their professional and personal success.




Sex Coach U Co-Founder, Dr. Patti Britton, was Dr. Martha’s AASECT Sexuality Educator Supervisor during her certification application process.


Dr. Patti remarks, “I have rarely met someone as dedicated, multi-talented, and committed to our work as sexuality educators as Dr. Martha Lee. She is a role model for sex education in many modalities and venues; in addition, she will make a great supervisor to sherpa our Sex Coach U graduates through the process of AASECT’s rigorous requirements for certifIcation as a Sexuality Educator. I am proud to have her among our faculty and on our stellar team!”




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