Ambassadors FAQ's

Welcome, SCU Ambassador! 


These are the most common questions or queries you may have about being an Ambassador. If you have a question that isn't on this page, send an email to 


How do I access the Ambassadors' center?

Follow this link here to login. 


How much will I get paid?

For SCU Ambassadors, you receive 5% of each tuition payment made. Commissions are paid out once quarterly.


How do I get paid?

Payment is via Paypal. You will be contacted by SCU accounting to confirm your details when payment is due. 


When do I get paid?

For SCU Ambassadors, you receive 5% of each tuition payment made on the completion of payment from the student who signs up with your link.


Where do I find everything I need to promote SCU?

Everything you need: Email templates, social media templates, promotional graphics and your own unique affiliate link is found on the Ambassadors’ center.


Top Tip: Create a document (either Word or Google doc) with your login details, and your unique tracking links so you never lose them.


How can I promote my link?

There are many ways to promote your link, below are some suggestions, and we encourage you to get creative!


  • Adding it as a widget to your website

  • Putting it in your newsletters/emails as a hyperlink.

  • Adding it as a sidebar to your mailing service

  • Post the promotional graphics on your social media, shortening your link with



For more ideas, send an email to



Good luck! Let's spread the sex positive mission!




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