What are the top 12 benefits from enrolling at Sex Coach U?


Prospective students ask us all the time, “So why would I want to enroll at SexCoachU?”


Here are twelve of the top benefits you’ll get from being a part of our “Gold Standard” sex coach and sex expert trainings from the PIONEER of Sex Coaching herself, Dr. Patti! 



















What you gain


  • "Certified Sex Coach™” certification for your office wall, your website’s “About” page, your business cards and any other professional marketing for your business or practice

  • A respected international certification as a credential you have earned. Sex Coach University graduates are certified by the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC). WASC is dedicated to preserving and upholding the quality of professional standards and ethics for sex coaching worldwide. WASC views the sex coach training provided by Sex Coach University as the model for all aspiring sex coaches, meeting all requirements for association membership. SCU graduates and expert faculty are eligible for fast track membership of the association, one year of complimentary membership, and reduced membership dues for life. This is a ready-made professional community here to assist you as you grow as a professional sex coach! 



  • Graduates are now eligible to be certified by the Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists (ASIS). SCU students can apply for membership & insurance through ASIS - approximately $80 for sex coaches, $180 for sexological body workers & tantric masseurs and $300 for sexual surrogates. 

















  • 220 ONLINE CE credits for AASECT which counts towards Certifications as a Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapist. You will earn 220 CEs but only 132 can be applied to the CKAs (Core Knowledge areas) for AASECT certification or recertification. This program is offered through Dr. Patti Britton’s AASECT-approved Individual CE Providership. Learn more here.


Not only that but…


~You receive the confidence you need in helping people with sexual concerns

~You learn how to determine when and where to refer someone for sexual treatment, such as a therapist or M.D.

~You have “more” or an “add-on” beyond the consumer level of information about sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships

~You have a standing in the sex coaching community worldwide, a built-in peer support group that you can turn to with your questions and challenges

~You share a sense of pride in what you do with others of like mind-and-heart who are also at Sex Coach U

~You can say you have taken the time to consider your role seriously enough to get some additional education and professional training in sex coaching

~You are now skilled for the simple-to-complex answers about sex, sexuality and relationships

~You are now ready to grow a private practice as a professional sex coach that can change the world today

~You feel ready, strong and prepared to go out there in the global marketplace and follow your calling!



Ready? Let’s go!


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