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This is the essential resource for professionals seeking sex-positive approaches for their clients.


Dr. Britton shows therapists and counselors how to move their practices fully into sex coaching or simply integrate sex coaching techniques for encouraging sexual self-understanding, growth, and pleasure into their existing therapeutic work. Based in the empirical science of sexology and adapted for practitioners looking to enrich their work and enlarge their client base, The Art of Sex Coaching covers what professionals need to know in order to participate in this exciting new field of coaching.

The Art Of Sex Coaching

Additional publications from Dr. Patti

Aphrodisiacs 101

Humankind has been seeking the magic sex potion for sexual enrichment from the beginning of time. Evidence of such potions has been found in Neanderthal burial sites in Europe, aboriginal rock paintings in Australia and in Peruvian ancient Incan ceremonies. The history of aphrodisiacs goes back several thousands of years in many cultures. The first writings were found in Sumerian cuneiform texts dated at 6000 BCE. This book researches all of the different types of products that are in today's marketplace. What are aphrodisiacs and what are they supposed to do? The answers are here in "Aphrodisiacs 101".


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Sex Coach U
Sex Coach U

Brand New!

Designing and Leading a Successful SAR

'Designing and Leading a Successful SAR', is the brand new book written by our co-founders, Dr. Patti Britton and the late Dr. Robert Dunlap. This professional guidebook and training manual introduces the Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training program for professionals working in the broad field of sexology. The authors, who have led 49 SAR training programs in seven different countries, provide an overview of the history and modern day context of SARs in the first part of the book. In Part II, they provide a toolkit for creating your own SAR, using 21 photocopiable workbook pages, handy checklists, and practical tips. Part III focuses on lessons learned from past SARs and future predictions for cutting-edge SARs. This book is necessary reading for clinicians and educators who wish to offer SAR training programs or integrate “The SAR Approach” into their practice.

Sex Coach U, Sexology U, sex coach, sex coaching, sexology, sexologist, become a sex coach, sex educator, sex coach training, clinical sexologist,




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