1. Application completed, (including photo ID in electronic format or print) sent to Admin office for approval, including two letters of reference: One on student’s character and other on student’s academic potential and ability to self-direct in an independent learning system.


2. Once application approved, with recommendation letters, then student enrollment is complete and student is informed by Admin office. Student then signs the Student Contract/MOU showing enrollment and expiration dates.


3. Student makes selection of Sex Coach U Training program


4. Student makes type of payment (up front in full; ala carte, payment plans)


5. Once payment is accepted, student is issued guidelines and course materials, which will be sent via Internet to each student PER COURSE as the Sex Coach



U COURSE CONTENTS, as follows:


Steps to completing this Sex Coach U Course (.doc)Study Guide and Student Journal for this Sex Coach U Training Program and Course (.doc)


Flash files are sent via Internet with live lectures and relevant media clips for this Sex Coach U Course (Flash player required; can be downloaded from Internet for free)Resources and readings (.pdf and .doc)


URLs as relevant links are included in each Study Guide


Listing of required and recommended DVDs and books (.doc); students are encouraged to use Sex Coach U Campus Store for purchases and possible discounts


Learning process questions, Journal Assignments, and Exams 1 and 2 for each Course (.doc)Student returns in the document titled “Student Journal” completed, that includes Exam 1 (Competency) and Exam 2 (Comprehension from lectures and readings, etc.) showing competencies from the entire


CourseStudent Pass/Fail grade issued; student issued next COURSE materials, (after payment is made if necessary)


For all students seeking Certification for the relevant Training Program, all requirements must be met before a Certificate is issued.



Note that all Certifications for Sex Coach U are issued by the World Association of Sex Coaches.




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