Designing and Leading a Successful SAR:

A Guide for Sex Therapists, Sexuality Educators, and Sexologists

Sex Coach U and World Association of Sex Coaches co-founders, Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap successfully led 50 SAR training programs around the world. You can learn their unique approach to leading this comprehensive training in this new book. Dr. Robert sadly passed away in July, 2017, this book carries his legacy forward to the next generation of sexologists.

Dr. Patti Britton

Dr. Robert Dunlap

This professional guidebook and training manual introduces the Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training program for professionals working in the broad field of sexology. The authors, who have led 49 SAR training programs in seven different countries, provide an overview of the history and modern day context of SARs in the first part of the book.


In Part II, they provide a toolkit for creating your own SAR, using 21 photocopiable workbook pages, handy checklists, and practical tips. Part III focuses on lessons learned from past SARs and future predictions for cutting-edge SARs. This book is necessary reading for clinicians and educators who wish to offer SAR training programs or integrate “The SAR Approach” into their practice.

Praise for, Designing and Leading a Successful SAR

"If you want to run a SAR or develop training programs in sexology, you'd be wise to read this book. It offers an insightful journey through the maze of issues and details every trainer should consider."

Marty Klein, Ph.D, author of 'His Porn, Her Pain' and 'Sexual Intelligence' 

Click here to view his expert course at Sexology U: Sexual Intelligence



“…This book is a must for any sex educator's library…Compassionate, inclusive, and deeply informed, Britton and Dunlap offer an amazing resource for all sexuality professionals.”

Michael Aaron Ph.D, Author of 'Modern Sexuality: The Truth About Sex and Relationships'


"This authoritative guide fills a longstanding need in the field of human sexuality.  (The authors) address every phase of how you can create trainings that expand attitudes about a full range of erotic experiences, whatever your gender, age, or sexual preferences.  Let it become your personal SAR Tool Kit." 

Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, author of 'Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy' and 'Exploring Desire and Intimacy'

Click here to view her expert course at Sexology U: The 4D Wheel Approach to Sexual Healing


"Thank you! In just two days I will be leading my first SAR in Australia. I cannot tell you how immensely helpful I have found your book. Being guided through each step has taken away much of the stress of organising, allowing me to focus on programming and content. 


Your words of it being like constructing a symphony have been with me as I've planned out my Deep Dive SAR. I am incredibly proud of what I've created and am so excited to birth it into the world on Wednesday. As both a sexuality educator and psychosexual therapist it is something I have felt the call to write and facilitate for a while. I am sure I will spend a great deal of time afterward reflecting and refining the process, after all everyone has to start somewhere. 


If you were interested in learning a little more about me and the Deep Dive SAR you can visit


Thank you again. You so generously shared your knowledge and experience in the book and it has made a huge difference to myself and my work."

Kerrin Bradfield, MSexol. PGradDipPublicHlth. BA (Psych).







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