Robert E. Dunlap III, PhD, ACS
SEX COACH U Co-Founder


We remember Dr. Robert Dunlap, co-founder of Sex Coach U, Sexology U and founding member of World Association of Sex Coaches. He sadly passed away in July 2017 from a sudden illness while travelling in Europe.

Dr. Robert was a seasoned media expert, with appearances in over 400 commercials, and in print, film and television. His directorial career spanned over 45 films including an Emmy Citation and Directors’ Fortnight Award at Cannes for his groundbreaking film “Anton”. He was the award-winning documentary filmmaker of “Beyond Vanilla” (which you watch as part of your training at Sex Coach U) and “Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker, Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary.” He also was the magic behind all of the media programs at both Sex Coach U and Sexology U and the voice of narrator that welcomes you to the World Association of Sex Coaches website. He made over 200 movies in his lifetime!

View his full theatrical career on his IMDB profile.

Dr. Robert was the driving support behind Dr. Patti Britton, as her partner in life and in business. He used to say, “I am the power and Patti is the light. I let her shine!”



In the words of Dr. Patti, “He was a creative genius (look at his documentaries), a loving, kind, sex-positive guy, a feminist advocate, a talented sexuality educator, a stunning speaker/presenter, a co-pioneer in our work in establishing the new field of sex coaching, and a totally awesome and handsome media star”.

You can view his commercial, film and television appearances on his Facebook fan page here.

As a clinical sexologist, he was a past AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and Academic Dean with Dr. Patti at IASHS. In his private practice his specialization was BDSM, kink, and fetish populations along with expertise in aphrodisiacs. Dr. Robert infused his years of media expertise, training acumen and a keen knowledge of sexology into his role as the media director at Sex Coach U and Sexology U. He oversaw all media development, the media library and assisted in the professional training of students and outside professionals at live events.


As a teacher and mentor, part of his joy was to say "I love mentoring the sexologists of the future".


He co-led live trainings with Dr. Patti in sexology and business development for hundreds of students, including over 50 SAR trainings in the past 10 years in 7 countries. Shortly before his death, the book he co-authored with Dr. Patti, Designing and Leading a Successful SAR  was released by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. This is their legacy book, tracing the history and rationale for SAR, their own SAR stories, and with a Training Manual (50% of the book) embedded inside this fascinating read, showing you how to replicate their “Gold Standard” SAR for your own population.

He was a charismatic leader and inspiration for all whose lives he touched. He will be sorely missed by all, and his legacy will live on at Sex Coach U and Sexology U.




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