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What is love addiction? Can someone be addicted to sex? Sex and love addiction are prevalent in our society and have sparked the interest of the media and professionals working with sexual issues. Politicians and celebrities make headlines for entering "treatment for sex addiction". Some professionals in the field will argue that it doesn't exist and that the terms are pathologizing and creates stigma around conditions that involve two of our most innate drives: sex and love. Others believe that it exists and we must treat it similar to any addiction involving abstinence, understanding the shame cycle, and behavior containment that involves not using sex and love to cope with underlying emotional conflicts. 

This course explore the definition of sex and love addiction from different therapeutic modalities. Learn how to identify characteristics and make a coaching plan that focuses on the whole person. New research suggests compulsive love behaviors may stem from early attachment styles. Studies have shown that sex and love addiction affects the brain similar to that of drug addiction. We will learn to use different theories in understanding sex and love addiction and how to work with clients to create an environment of healing and non-judgment. Become familiarized with psychodynamic and cognitive viewpoints of compulsive behaviors around sex, love and relationships. We will also explore cybersex addiction and how to identify when it may become problematic and steps to take with a client. This course will also discuss how to help clients integrate new sexual behaviors and intimacy into their relationships.


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