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Lou Paget is a an AASECT* Certified Sex Educator, an international best selling author and entrepreneur of five books, translated into 28 languages, represented in over 60 countries with over 3 million copies sold. Paget is an in-demand international speaker, presenter and sought after multi-media expert with countless TV appearances, her work has also been the focus of shows like HBO’s ‘Real Sex’, C4’s ‘Sex Tips for Girls’ in the UK and WE’s ‘Making Love Happen with Lou Paget’. Her weekly radio show sextalkwithlou is on toginet.com.

* American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists


Sexual Health is a major focus of her professional mission, she is Vice-Chair of The Leadership Council of the only Endowed Chair for Human Sexuality in the world at the Program in Human Sexuality at University of Minnesota Medical School and she was one of 13 members of the National Advisory Council convened by the 16th US Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher. She guest lectures annually at UCLA for a graduate level course for MDs, MFTs and medical residents and does pro bono classes for the residents of Children of the Night facility, a home for children rescued from underage prostitution.


Paget is always looking for new ways to expand and enhance people’s comfort with sexuality information and their own sexuality savvy factor. Be it science, toys or trends she is the expert generalist.


How Sexually Savvy R U? on her home page and Lattes with Lou are examples of how Paget routinely creates material in new media to give better access to topical sexual health information.


Her brand is known for delivering information about sexuality and relationship sans the sleaze factor while retaining all of the accuracy, fun and the “You’re kidding!!” factor. Techniques and Tips are her specialty, she delivers bite-sized chunks of information you can use right away, that work!



Through her hard science filter Paget works to deliver information about sexuality that is more user friendly so complicated issues and concepts are more easily understood. She knows she has the best job.





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