The medicalization of sexual concerns for women has come under fire as the search for “female Viagra” has proven largely unsuccessful.  However, there are physical problems that definitely contribute to concerns in the sexual response realm for women.  The key is to realize that appropriate help for women needs to come from all perspectives – physical as well as emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  As a gynecologist who specializes in Female Sexual Medicine, my approach starts with the physical aspect of sexual function, to uncover and address underlying pathology that contributes to the problem; but then moves the woman through the physical exam in an empowering, educational process – via a real-time view of the pelvic exam on an iPad.  Through this course, you will follow this process with an actual client, as she views her internal reproductive structures – cervix, vaginal walls, G-spot, urethra, ejaculatory/paraurethral ducts, and introitus, for the first time.  Next, tour her external vulva – clitoris, labia minora, perineum and pelvic floor.  See specialized genital testing to evaluate arterial blood flow, sensation and pelvic floor tone.  This process transforms the pelvic exam from the traditional unengaging, uncomfortable experience where the woman leaves not knowing anything more about herself; to one of interaction, involvement and wonderment, as she views and learns about her own special anatomy – and what particular findings relate to her sexual issues as the process unfolds. 





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