1. I have all of the knowledge I need about the full spectrum of eroticism/sex/sexuality/ sexual expression to serve clients or any audiences.


2. I can define causal factors and resolutions for all sexual and relationships roadblocks to serve clients or any audiences.


3. I have all of the clinical skills that I need to serve clients with sexual or relationship issues.


4. I already use key holistic models in sexual treatment or sex coaching today in working with clients’ issues.


5. I am competent to create assessments and action plans for sexual and relationship issues of clients.


6. I am confident in my ability to create and hold the space as a safe and effective container for clients.


7. I have mastery as a listener on all levels to facilitate the client’s growth and healing process.


8. I have a vision for my successful sex coaching practice and business. I know clearly how to get there.


9. I know my target niche for serving clients and I have a complete design for how to attract my ideal clients.


10. I have a well crafted set of personal strategies for extreme self care. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to keep myself inspired, balanced, healthy and focused.


11. I have all the support and mentorship I need to fulfill my calling.


12. I have daily practices that keep me on point, out of overwhelm and stress-free.


13. I am well organized, self directed, and approach each day with clarity and focus.


14. I have fully processed my own sexual history and issues. I am a clear and clean container for any issues clients bring to me.


15. I’m at ease constructing curriculum, talking points, teaching messages and presenting in front of a group as a go to sex expert and trainer.


16. I am an empowered and self realized sexual being ready to serve others as clients or any audiences.


17. I have a website and other branding tools to be a success in the marketplace.


18. I have info products such as CDs, home study courses, books and online courses to sustain my sex coaching business and clients.


19. I know the importance of investing in myself and am looking for mentorship.


20. I highly value the offer of a 1:1 “Breakthrough to Sex Coaching Discovery Session” and would like to schedule one now.



If you’re someone who~


  • Feels a calling to help others to accept or discover their sexual truths



  • Longs to join in the movement for sexual wellness around the world



  • Envisions yourself as a known “go to sex expert” for media, publishing, speaking, and more


  • Has a passion to train others in the “New Sexual Revolution” of sex coaching



  • Knows that you are destined to be a certified sex coach and sex expert in the world. 



  • Is dedicated to this profession of sex coaching—to make a life and a living at the same time…

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you’re a perfect candidate for our Sex Coach training. Complete this information to schedule your “Discovery Session”.





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