SAR Training

Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring

Our co-founder, Dr. Patti Britton, is a seasoned SAR pro. As an AASECT- approved provider of CEU’s, she has led 55 SAR trainings- both in the USA and internationally.

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You must complete a SAR to gain your certification from Sex Coach U and to get accreditation with the World Association of Sex Coaches. Students at Sex Coach U are entitled to a student discount to attend SAR for approximately $279, instead of $650 for professionals.


We currently offer SAR trainings in the USA and in Warsaw, Poland. The SAR trainings in the USA are offered by Dr. Patti Britton, while the SAR trainings in Poland are offered by our International Training Director, Dr. Agata Loewe. 


Seating is limited at the Los Angeles SAR trainings so early sign up is always recommended. 

The SAR Program

This unique “Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring” program or “SAR” is designed and led by seasoned sexologist, Dr. Patti Britton, who has created a highly effective 2-day intensive to achieve the goals of traditional and contemporary SAR. This SAR fulfills the 10-hour requirement toward AASECT Certification and earns 16 CEUs.


SAR is a highly provocative, experiential, cognitive and affective experience, which is designed to push comfort levels, elicit feelings and confront attitudes, beliefs and values about sexuality. Presentations encompass media, (including contemporary film, television and art), along with presentations and panels of live speakers/demonstrations showing the potential range of human sexual expression today. Topics will be revealed at the course itself; the element of surprise and the psychological state of non-expectation form part of the basis for this course. No nudity or touch is ever required of participants.

Small group process drives the understanding and impact of the elements of the presentations in this course. SAR is not a clinical training in sex or therapy nor is it traditional sex education; rather it enables the participant to move emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and psychologically into a zone of greater knowing, acceptance, and tolerance of human sexuality in all of its possible dimensions.

A highlight of every SAR program are the live speakers. Previous live speakers have included experts on BDSM, Kink, Trans, and sacred sexuality. The SAR includes a powerful field trip to an erotic venue that is sure to create a buzz.

Lunch included both days. A $150 deposit is required to secure your space. Spaces are limited in our intimate setting.


Here's what past students have said



"I cannot THANK YOU enough for GROW and the SAR! I feel as though my life has really changed since then, I am so grateful! I came back with a new confidence and a new excitement about my business. Just so you know, I have never referred to my work as my business. But I learned so many new ways of how to honor myself as a future sexologist. The business part of it got me so excited, which I never thought possible. I have actually been making videos, comfortably, an idea I would have never entertained before." 

Randi Levinson, M.A., Grow Participant from Ohio



"Thank you so much for imparting all of your infinite knowledge and expertise. I am in awe of your experience and wisdom in the field of sex coaching, how to be the most successful, and helping to support the entire community at large of sexology, sex coaching, and sex experts!"

Bianca White, GROW Participant



"Wow! It is hard to put into words this SAR experience. Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert together do an amazing job. It's fascinating how powerful the weekend has been, but feeling safe, secure and completely pushed to your edges and limits is an amazing feeling."

Meredith Davis, SAR Participant



"I remember you, saying that the power and the change that SAR gives you can come to you months after. I participated in the last edition in Warsaw. Since then my life has changed, completely. one day I woke up and I realized that I had so much to explore, I started to perceive sex shops as a place for my fantasy, as so many possibilities, I started to buy toys, I met a very nice guy and my relationship has a brand new quality. I didn't like sex, it was quite boring after few times but now I love myself, I love expressing myself in bed and it is not only a pleasure but also the emotional perspective, I feel that I live. Thank you. You showed me that I have passion, I just need to feel free and enjoy the way I am. Thank you, I'll never forget this."

Barbara Piwek, Warsaw, Poland



"The Ultimate SAR is truly a transformative personal experience - no matter where you are in your journey - the SAR is an experience you owe to your professional and personal development. It is a process - if you open yourself up to the possibility of what can happen in terms of shifts - you will see shifts happen during the SAR and continue after you re-enter into your regular life. Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert talk about energy a lot in their practise. During a SAR experience with them, you get to experience that energetic approach in real life. By immersing yourself into it, you get to see what is possible for your clients. Personally, I can say that this was a deeply powerful, personally transformative experience. The connections made with fellow participants are invaluable.”

Bradley Christopher-West, Sex Coach U student, Manitoba, Canada



"I am feeling very grounded after the SAR. I feel stronger as a sex therapy coach and a therapist. I attribute to being in this emotional and spiritual place because of your unconditional regard and support, as well as the experience of the SAR. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Gina Leiserowitz LMFT LPCC



"Dr. Patti's SAR was an utterly enlightening weekend! The experiential aspect of the course was stimulating, engaging, and opened up new ways of approaching sexuality, both personally and professionally. Dr. Patti and Robert's years of expertise are obvious in the seamless organization of a weekend that delivers what it promises, full of growth, fun, and sexiness!"

Zoe Sipe, MFT, from California

Dr. Patti's SAR programs fulfill the 10-hour requirement toward AASECT Certification and earns 16 CEUs. Dr. Britton is a national AASECT-approved provider of CEU. For more information or to register: CALL 323-405-7169.


All Dr. Patti’s SAR programs for 2019 are approved by AASECT.


Disclaimer: Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact


All Dr. Britton trainings require an approved application before you may attend.

Download Application Form, and email to


Location: We offer all U.S. SAR programs at the charming Culver Hotel


Lodging nearby upon request. Check out this affordable, popular venue:


Cost for USA SAR

$650 for all working professionals; or a student rate of $279 for Sex Coach U students, if seating is available. Couple rate is $1,000. Tuition includes all SAR materials, your lunches during the 2 days of SAR, your AASECT Certificate, and your entry to a field trip venue if one applies or a discount at the sex shopping experience!


Cancellation Policy: All deposits are non-refundable. For all cancellations of tuition paid in full prior to an event, the tuition may be applied to a future event by Dr. Britton within one year of the initial event.  Any payments in full may be refunded on a case by case basis less a $50 cancellation fee. To obtain this option, a consultation is required with Dr. Britton or her staff.


A field trip to a sexual venue for some SAR programs will round out this transformational experience, with advanced reservations required for the SAR, dinner and outing. Outings are paid a la carte on site.

Objectives for this Event


(One learning objective per credit hour/60 minutes of instruction): 16 hours 


Note: These may shift if speaker selection and availability changes.   


Knowledge Areas 


(Note this applies to applicants for AASECT CEs who meet requirements at SAR.)

 Participants will be able to:


Participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss their values, attitudes and beliefs about a wide range of sexual expression and behaviors. A;O

  2. Describe aspects of human sexual behavior and/or sexual expression that represent areas for further professional exploration.   A;O

  3. Distinguish between one’s own values, attitudes and beliefs and those of others. A;O

  4. Utilize effectively the exposure to new or different aspects of human sexual expression in their clinical and/or sexuality educational work. A;O

  5. Define specific sexual behaviors or sexual expression that represent areas that would not be relevant for working with clients or students.   A;O

  6. Describe elements of sexual expression or sexual behavior that are appealing for personal exploration.   A;O

  7. Define specific sexual behaviors or sexual expression that are not within their comfort zone.A;O

  8. Discuss variants of sexual behaviors demonstrated among heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual performers in the media, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values. A;C;F;M;O

  9. Evaluate and discuss the life experiences and presentations from a spectrum of trans persons, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values.     A;C;D;O

  10. Discuss factors within the area of sexuality and disability, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values.   A;C;H;O

  11. Define and discuss elements within the media showing adult/porn imagery and sexual behaviors, (including sexual assault/rape/drug usage and polyamory), and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values.   A;C;J;M;O

  12. Describe their responses to the media showing a wide range of BDSM/kink/fetish behaviors, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values. A;C;F;O

  13. Define and discuss elements within the media showing extreme body modification and fetish practices, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values.   A;C;F;O

  14. Recognize their responses to self -disclosure through an art activity, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values about their own sexuality. A;C;D;O

  15. Define and discuss aspects of sexuality and spirituality, especially through a self-awareness activity, and the impact it has on the participant’s attitudes and values.   A;C;D;O

  16. Identify elements that inform your ideal sexual self. O


To ensure the coursework meets AASECT Certification requirements for sexuality educators, counselors and therapists, indicate one or more core knowledge areas for which the event will provide applicable knowledge:

X  A Ethics and ethical behavior

   B Developmental sexuality from a bio-psycho-social perspective across the life course

X  C Socio-cultural factors (e.g. ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, family values) in relation to sexual values and behaviors

X  D Issues related to Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity: heterosexuality, issues and themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people, gender identity and expression

   E Intimacy skills (e.g., social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal, relationship and family dynamics

X  F Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles, including but not limited to Polyamory, swinging, BDSM, Tantra

   G Sexual and reproductive anatomy/physiology

X  H Health/medical factors that may influence sexuality including, but not limited to illness, disability, drugs, mental health, conception, pregnancy, childbirth & pregnancy termination, contraception, fertility, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infection, other infections, sexual trauma, injury, and safer sex practices

    I Range of sexual functioning and behavior, from optimal to problematic, including but not limited to common issues such as: desire discrepancy, lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal, sexual pain and penetration problems, difficulty with orgasm

   J Sexual exploitation, including sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault

   K Cyber sexuality and social media

   L Substance use/abuse and sexuality

X  M Pleasure enhancement skills

   N Learning theory and its application

X  O Professional communication and personal reflection skills

    P History of the discipline of sex research, theory, education, counseling, and therapy

    Q  Principles of sexuality research and research methods

"Thank you for a transformational weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect but since Saturday night have felt more connected on a cellular level and am so grateful. This is the first time in my life that I feel the energetic and loving side is actually integrated into the work of human sexuality. Often the sensuality feels separate and I think it’s because the energy around sex in our culture is shrouded in darkness. Even the highly sex positive. It’s as if the shame, taboo, etc is always there, just usually buried, denied, or amplified. But this weekend, you shined a light on all of it.


I didn’t even know how in my head I was or understand blocks (though I was certain I had them). I have so much love for you, the work you do, and everyone I met this weekend. It’s like a new crush and I can’t stop thinking or talking about it!


So thank you, thank you, thank you.


Much love + Namaste"


Stephanie Salyers

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