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We are a family at Sex Coach U. These are all of our wonderful SCU Diplomats who can't wait to talk to you about the benefits of the Sex Coach U program. 

Dr. Janet Morrison

I was a Registered Nurse for 30 years. I chose to become a sex coach because I always had an interest in healthy sexuality... and I LOVED Dr Ruth! I listened to her in the 1980s and always wanted to be like her (minus the accent, lol!) I was attracted to SCU because it offered the professional, quality courses I was looking for.  Additionally, the coaching modality resonated with me as I was a holistic nurse and gravitated to healthy lifestyle and prevention. I graduated in 2012 and was inspired to continue my education so I earned my PhD in Human Sexuality from IASHS in 2015.


I went on to be Curriculum Director of SCU and have a thriving private practice.


Common to most aspiring Sex Coaches, I had to overcome self-doubt to flourish.


Visit my website: www.janetsexcoaching.com

Find me on Facebook: Ecstatic Being Sex Coaching and Education

Find me on Psychology Today


Sarah Martin, CSC

Once upon a time, I was working a high power corporate career in the automotive industry in London, UK. It was an amazing role, but one that was out of alignment with my purpose and yearning to make true and lasting change in the world. I discovered Dr. Patti's book - The Art of Sex Coaching, and Sex Coach University. SCU offered both rigorous training in sexology, as well as training in the crucial clinical skills needed to be an excellent coach. I needed both, as I'd never worked with people in a clinical setting before. I have grown so much - personally and professionally - because of my time at SCU. 


After graduation, I decided to risk it by betting on myself, on this field, on my ability to succeed when going at it alone.


Since graduating from SCU, I left my corporate job behind, and have gone on an extraordinary adventure. Today, I work with clients out of my base at Warsaw's Instytut Pozytywnej Seksualności, where I also lead workshops and coordinate guest teachers from all over Poland and the world.


Visit my website: www.sexcoachsarah.com

Find me on Twitter: @SexCoachSarah

Find me on Facebook: @SexCoachSarah

I'm a regular guest on the Get Sex Smart podcast with Dr. Valeria Chuba: www.getsexsmart.com

Lucy Rowett

My background before SCU was varied: perfume making, a languages degree, blogging and working as a Tarot reader. I was fascinated by sacred sexuality, and it was a big part of my own personal healing path. I knew I wanted to have a career making a difference, and when I met the Dr's in 2015 at their introductory talk in London I knew that this was the training for me. I have grown so much in the past 2 years through this training, both personally and professionally. I can't wait to bring my skills into the world. As a writer, I have been featured on World Association of Sex Coaches, Omooni, Rude Magazine, Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley and BlissClouds. 


Visit my website: www.juiceandjasmine.com

Find me on Facebook: @juiceandjasmine

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Find me on Instagram: @juiceandjasmine


Myisha Battle, CSC

I worked for a cultural exchange nonprofit as the Director of Organizational Development for several years.


In 2012 I decided to get my Masters in Psychology from The New School in NYC. Instead of going for my PhD and eventually becoming a sex therapist, I decided that training through Sex Coach U would get me to my goal of working with people specifically around sexual issues faster. The curriculum seemed rigorous and the approach of coaching appealed to me.


Transitioning from an office job to being a solopreneur and working directly with clients was a big leap for me. It took a lot of time, creativity and support from my sex coach community to get on track. I'm still learning!


I launched my own sex coaching practice in 2016 and have been building my business ever since. Read my interviews and articles on Ravishly, Tabu, Nylon and NY Mag here. 


Visit my website: www.myishabattle.com

Listen to my podcast: Down For Whatever

Find me on Twitter: @myishabattle

Find me on Instagram: @myishabattle


Kristine D'Angelo CSC

I worked in Real Estate while earning my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Community Health. I chose SCU because I wanted to study under Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, because I wanted to become Certified and I loved the flexibility of studying online. It hasn't always been easy: finding an insurance company that recognizes sex coaching as a profession and people having preconceived notions about what I do has been a challenge. Since graduating I have landed a monthly slot on a local tv program as their resident sex coach, while have started my own private practice in Portland, Oregon.


Visit my website: www.doyoursexlifeafavor.com

Find me on Facebook: Do Your Sex Life a Favor

Find me on Instagram: @DoYourSexLifeaFavor

Find me on Linkedin: Kristine D'Angelo




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