Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


As an enrolled student at Sex Coach U you are issued and expected to sign an official Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU.


This signed, official document is required to launch your study process. This our learning and business contract with you, assuring what we at Sex Coach U provide to you, the end dates for completion of your studies with your selected Training Program, and assurances by you of acknowledgement of copyright on all Sex Coach U materials you receive and a comprehension of your role as an enrolled student.


Sex Coach U will never reveal, divulge, share or sell your confidential information to any other entity. Your enrollment at Sex Coach U is a privilege and a protected experience. We give full assurances, as we do with all of our private sex coaching clients, to uphold your right to privacy, follow ethical business practices, show integrity in our business capacity at all times, and provide the services and products we offer only to those whom we deem able to uphold our Code of Ethics and follow the rigorous training and certification programs that make Sex Coach U a worldwide leader in the field of sex coaching. In summary, we assure all of our enrolled student 100% confidentiality.


Refund Policy


We assure you a positive experience at Sex Coach U. We also expect you as an enrolled student to uphold the expectations for self-directed learning and completion of your training and certification, according to the specific Training Program and Course in which you have enrolled within the given time frames.


Please check back with the Training Program information to be sure you understand those expectations for compliance in completing your studies, under the type of Certified Sex Coach you want to become.


We offer a full refund of your payment within 10 calendar days, if you choose to leave Sex Coach U, or if you are not satisfied with the quality of your training materials, and/or if you have become unable to fulfill your obligations as you have agreed, in your Enrollment Application. After the initial “refund period” of 10 calendar days, we cannot offer any refunds. The actual “refund period” occurs from the day on which you are sent your Sex Coach U training materials for your first Course. (If you are enrolling in Sexology U Expert Courses ala carte, this policy goes into effect on the day on which you are sent your Sexology U training materials, as well.) No students will be granted a refund of any amount after the closing of the “refund period.” We will, however, make every attempt possible to allow you extra time, or alternative training opportunities at (our sister organization) Sexology U or at our hosted Live Events, if you request a refund after the “refund period.”


Completion of Training within Timelines


If you as an enrolled student cannot meet the required timelines for completion of your studies, as cited in each Training Program requirements, unless there are extenuating circumstances (such as serious illness, family emergency, or severe financial constraints), you will be reevaluated for all future studies in that Training Program at Sex Coach U. In certain cases, we will extend the timeline. Students who do not submit their completed materials due to being inactive for a period of at least six (6) months, will be notified of possible suspension of their enrolled student status. You have a total of TWO years to complete your program. 


Study Expectations/Student Help

Our Curriculum Team is available on a limited basis to give you assistance one on one upon request. Curriculum Tutors are available upon request as a fee-based service. Most of the help you will need will come from your peers via our private Facebook group.


Hiatus Policy


Students who request a hiatus from their program may take a one-time, 90 day, hiatus - to be approved in advance by faculty. If the student does not resume within 90 days, he/she will have their Enrolled Student Status revoked; such students may be given the option to reapply to SexCoachU to become reinstated and have their Enrolled Student Status reactivated without having to pay an additional enrollment fee. Such student resumes their designated payment option at that time. A small reinstatement fee is required for resuming Enrolled Student Status.


Any student who is on approved hiatus retains all SCU program privileges, including the right to be retained on all enrolled student lists, the private SCU FACEBOOK, the "Hot Issues" monthly call, the "MCC or Monthly Community Call" options and any other SCU ammenities for enrolled students. After the approved 90-day hiatus, if they do not reinstate as Enrolled Student Status, they are removed from all SCU program privileges. 


Termination of Training


We also retain the exclusive right to conclude your ability to receive your training at Sex Coach U for any valid reasons that we deem appropriate, including but not limited to a student’s non-compliance with stated policies or the Code of Ethics. We will always make the ultimate best attempts to resolve any problems with you as a student before making a decision to terminate your ability to continue your training at Sex Coach U.




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