• 3 Advanced Courses to enable you to become a sex coach leader and trainer for other aspiring sex coaches. These are offered one-on-one or in groups.  All trainer programs can be customized for your unique skills base and professional goals. 


 ** "SAR Train-the-Trainer"~ Based on the powerful training manual, 'Designing & Leading a Successful SAR', (by Britton and Dunlap; Routledge, 2017). You become part of our SAR training staff! Unravel the mystery of how to offer your own SAR training program and do it right with Dr. Patti by your side!

 ** "Curriculum Savvy"~ Cutting-edge curriculum design and development, student journal review methodologies, mentorship and supervision skills enhancement. Become a seasoned pro for how to create transformational courses that sizzle and yet go deep with substance. Dr. Patti guides you how to be the consummate pro. 

 ** "Award-Winning Presentations"~ Workshop design, group leadership skills, managing group process, crafting conference proposals, and public speaking secrets. Learn the skills and acquire insider tips for stellar workshops & presentations that will get you invited back over and over again. This is a must-do course for all trainers, led by the master herself, Dr. Patti.



  • 2 Advanced business and coaching practice enhancement courses for home study for self-paced learning.



 ** "Dress for Success!!"~ Offered by one of the top pros in the color & styling business and based on the science of the psychology of color. Discover your unique style and palette, how to find the right clothes and accessories, hear the personal stories of how this system influenced Dr. Patti. Get ready to show up as the successful entrepreneur you already are. (Optional; Additional fees apply).


 ** "Money, Prosperity and Empowerment"~ A practical course (taught by Dr. Patti) that is derived from ancient and contemporary strategies for overcoming your own money/prosperity blocks. Realize how to harness the power of Feng Shui to power up your financial corner and find your pathway to living in abundance with all aspects of life. Let go of your money gremlins once and for all!! Realize the power of overcoming your self doubt, once and for all!  Learn from Dr. Patti herself in this riveting course. 


  • 3 Advanced sexology courses from our international Experts Academy for home study at self-paced learning  from our ala carte selection of over 22 unique courses at Sexology University.


  • “Video Production for Your Business” ~ One-on-one private media training course to create your own sizzle reel, web videos and vlogcasts. (Optional; Additional fees apply).


  • Facilitate and train under Dr. Patti as your role model, at a minimum of 2 SexCoachU LIVE EVENTS.


  • Review a minimum of 5 SexCoachU Student Journals for 60 days (minimum of 3 different students).


  • Develop at least one new curriculum course for self-study application that you may submit for consideration in Experts Academy roster at Sexology University.



  • 3 one-hour Private Mentor Coaching & Supervision with Dr. Patti are included in this program (Value: $5,000).


  • 5-Day LIVE TRAINING EVENT : “SHIFT” or “Sex Coaching High-Level Intensive For Trainers” (35 hours ~ Monday-Friday) (Optional; Additional fees apply; this is held yearly at a California retreat; invitation only).


  • Work with a peer study buddy to assure progress and solidify your learning outcomes toward completion of the Sex Coach Trainer program.


  • Work as a student mentor and retention guide with at least one student as assigned to you by Dr. Patti.


  • Placement on the World Association of Sex Coaches website directory for global access.


  • Full access to obtaining licensure of content option from SexCoachU is available upon completion of this program paid yearly.


  • 2 Community calls per month as part of our growing international community.


  • Private global Facebook membership.


  • Staff and faculty position options may apply at the completion of this program. Ask Dr. Patti about these opportunities. 





Tuition: Available upon request after consultation with Dr. Patti:



(Valued at $599)

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