Is this you?


  • You’re passionate about sex.

  • You’re the one your friends come to ask for advice about their sex and relationship dilemmas

  • You’re the only one or one of the few in your community who is sex-positive

  • You’re a healer and draw people to you who need help

  • You want to make a difference in the world and find your life purpose

If this sounds like you, maybe 2018 is the year for you to think about changing your career and becoming a sex coach.


We see a world where sexual healing happens for everyone.


We believe that it’s everyone’s birthright to experience sexual pleasure and express their sexuality.


We see a new sexual revolution.


This work is so badly needed at the moment.


All over the world, there are even more laws restricting sexual freedoms, lack of comprehensive sexuality education in high schools, and sexual minorities are experiencing persecution.


We know that you want to make the world more sex-positive.

This is why we’re training people like you to become sex coaches.


What is sex coaching?

Sex Coaching is an exciting new field, pioneered by our co-founder, Dr. Patti Britton in the early 90’s. It’s the fusion of the “what” of clinical sexology (the study of human sexuality and how people they think and feel about it) and the “how” of applied coaching.

Sex Coaching is holistic, person-centered, goal-oriented and focused on wellness, NOT dysfunction.


Sessions can be a blend of personalized sex education, intuitive guidance, recommending resources and even going on field trips.

Learn more about what sex coaching is here

As a Certified Sex Coach ™ you’ll be empowering your clients to create a new sexual future for themselves.


You’ll be able to help sexual concerns such as:

  • Orgasm difficulties

  • Rapid or Early Ejaculation

  • Painful sex

  • Body Image issues

  • Uneven desire

  • Sexless relationships

  • Low libido

  • Sex after childbirth

You’ll work with the whole person based on Dr. Patti Britton’s holistic approach, known as the MEBES wheel.

And if you are a helping professional already, you can incorporate sex coaching into the work you’re doing right now!


We’ve trained people like you in 50+ countries around the world (and counting!) to become skilled, Certified Sex Coaches ™. Each of our students and grads bring their own style to their sex coaching practice.


This is what you can do too!


What’s more, training as a Certified Sex Coach ™ gives you real credentials. Did you know that anybody can call themselves a sex coach without any real training or qualifications? When you graduate from our program you’ll be different.


Co-founder, Dr. Patti Britton is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, Supervisor and Trainer. All trainings offered by her earn you Continuing Education (CE) credits with AASECT which can be used for certification or re-certification.


What’s more, when you graduate:

  • You’ll have earned 220 online AASECT CEs that can be applied for AASECT certification or re-certification. (Please note: These continuing education credits apply on a case by case basis, according to a candidate’s background and whether they meet stated AASECT criteria.)

  • You’ll have completed a live SAR training that is required by AASECT for certification

And not only that!

You’ll also get all these benefits too:


  • Essential BUSINESS and MARKETING training to make your practice a success.


  • Membership in our online international community to get support


  • The ability to start your training IMMEDIATELY and study at your own pace


  • Training that will equip you to deal with simple-to-complex questions about sex, sexuality and relationships.


  • When people ask you, “So what do you do?”, you’ll always be the focus of conversation!


Don’t you want a career doing something you’re PASSIONATE about?


We know you do.


We hear you saying “But I don’t have the right training to become a sex coach!”


No problem!


Our tribe of students and graduates come from ALL walks of life. They are lawyers, estate agents, nurses, bodyworkers, engineers, mechanics, corporate workers, psychology grads, missionaries, teachers and more. We have students in 50+ countries around the world, from all nationalities and ethnicities. Many of our students are the only one in their whole country or state who has had sexology training.


All that matters is your PASSION, your willingness to learn and your DEDICATION to your success.



This incredible training is valued at $14,997


To make it as accessible as possible, the full enrollment fees are $7,997


We want to grow our international tribe, and want you to join us!

We have moved to a Trimester Enrollment system. Open enrollment is now closed. Don't miss out! Get your name on our waiting list today!




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